I am a Fiji-born Chinese chick with an American drawl living in the sun-kissed land of Australia. I am at my happiest when I’m writing stories, which I would do for the rest of my life if it actually produced money to pay for food, rent and plane tickets. Still living in hope.

My non-fiction stuff can be found on http://www.rendezview.com.au, where I work as senior writer and producer. If you’d like to read my fiction stuff, please just leave a reply.

Share your thoughts/jokes/writing/musings with me. Welcome to the Hooman World.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Talie Helene

    Hi Adrienne,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    You are receiving this email because you are an active author in speculative fiction in Australia or New Zealand, and I have not received any horror short story submissions from you for volume 5 of ‘The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror’.

    I am checking in with noteworthy authors, to make sure I am not missing out on seeing important horror short stories for consideration for the 2014 edition of the anthology.

    If you have any horror short stories (up to 8500 words length) that received first pblication in 2014, I would be very keen to read them.

    If you could include a word-count with each story submission, that would be fantastic.

    The full anthology guidelines are available here: http://www.taliehelene.com/editing/submissions/

    Please note: at this late date I am accepting ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS ONLY. I happily read PDF, RTF, .doc, .docx, epub, and mobi formats.

    If you could outline your notable professional achievements for 2014 (novels and novella publications, horror poetry publications, graphic novel and comic publishing, film adaptation/options, screenplays and works for the stage or radio, awards, grants, major festival appearances, etc), that is always helpful in giving your accomplishments the best possible chance of being recognised appropriately in ‘The Year In Horror’ preface essay. (Please be aware I don’t have time to sift through twelve months of blog/news entries on each writer’s website.)

    I look forward to reading your 2014 short story publications in horror genre.

    If you don’t have any 2014 horror stories for consideration, please do keep the next edition of the anthology in mind for your 2015 publications – and I wish you continued success with your creative writing.

    Best Regards,
    Talie Helene

    Talie Helene
    Horror Editor, The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror
    Ticonderoga Publications


    PO Box 2553
    Ringwood North Vic 3134


  2. Xantre Aston (@xantreaston)

    Hi Adrienne,

    My name is Xantre Macaraeg and I’m a journalism student at Macleay College in Surry Hills. I’ve contacted you via Twitter however there is so little you can fit within 140 characters so I’m in high hopes this message will somehow deliver to you.

    I’m currently writing an article for our student newsroom about Playboy and their choice to no longer publish photos of full nude women in their magazine. During my research I came across your article “Keeping your clothes ON is the new sexy” which I found thoroughly entertaining.

    If possible I would love to ask you a few questions to get a fresh perspective on the subject.
    You can email me back on x.macaraeg@hotmail.com.

    Thank you and regards,

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